Price List

Minimum Charge
Tears up to 3″
Tears over 3-6″
Replace neoprene on various size holes
Replace complete panels
Cut/hem wrist or ankles
Alter full suit into Spring suit
Replace neck
Replace entire knee pad
Add elbow pads
Repair/replace zipper pull
Replace chest zipper
Add key pocket
Other Alterations
prices vary

*All prices subject to change after inspection


Volume Discounts

3-5 suits
10% off
6-10 suits
15% off
11 or more suits
20% off


Don’t throw away your old suit! They get recycled into yoga mats by Suga, handplane straps for Enjoy Handplanes and various other products made by Swell Stuff. If they are still wearable they are donated to various organizations such as Wounded Warriors. Get 10% off wetsuit repair for your donation.